Saguaro Lake Ranch Stable Horses Mesa AZ
Our experienced wranglers and horses will ensure you have both a fun and safe ride. Your safety and enjoyment is their priority. Our goal is to make sure you safely enjoy the best Arizona horseback riding experience in the southwest, beneath the imposing shadow of the Bulldog Mountains. Don’t forget to bring your camera because the landscape is breathtaking!

Your Phoenix Horseback Ride

A typical trail ride begins and ends at the stable; after some introductions and instructions from your wrangler, they’ll pair you with a horse that matches your experience, then you’ll saddle up and begin your adventure.

Depending on the trail, the weather, and the river, you may have to cross the Salt River…so don’t forget to pause for the camera! Whichever trail ride you choose there will be fantastic views of the Bulldog Cliffs, the incredible Sonoran Desert, and even the majestic Four Peaks Mountains. Pose with your friends for an awesome picture or four…You’ll get to see the land Arizona cowboys made famous up close and personal, and maybe even some critters!

Saguaro Lake Trail Ride (30 Minute / $39/person +tax)

This beautifully scenic ride is a great introduction to horseback riding, and perfect if you’re short on time! The 30 minute trail ride leaves the Saguaro Lake Ranch stable and heads down to, and alongside, the Salt River at the foot of the Bulldog Cliffs. Trail riders then head back up to the stable, passing Horse Thief Wash on the way.

Salt River Trail Ride (1 Hour / $49/person + tax)

On this idyllic trail, you’ll pass Ironwood and Mesquite trees as you ride through Horse Thief Wash. Then ride back over the ridge for a view of Saguaro Lake, passing iconic Saguaro cacti. Look out for Desert Christmas Cacti, a low growing cactus-like shrub with red fruit, and for coyote or javelina scat…and maybe the animals too!

Mesquite Ride Trail Ride (90 Minute / $69/person + tax)

This is a very popular hour and a half ride; it offers quality time in the saddle of one of our gentle horses. Our guides will lead you on horseback trails through the beautiful desert in Tonto National Forest, pausing to enjoy panoramic views of the saguaro-studded landscape and Saguaro Lake.

Desert View Trail Ride (2 Hour / $89/person + tax)

Similar to the 1.5 hour ride this is perfect for cowboys and cowgirls who want to spend some extra time in the saddle. Our wranglers love taking people on this ride, along some of the more spectacular desert trails. You may have to ford the Salt River, but don’t worry, a little water never hurt anyone.

Pony Ride (5-10 mins / $10 + Tax)

Available on a first come, first served basis to children aged 2 – 5 years only. This is an approximately 5 – 10 minute ride at the stable.

Book Your Mesa Horseback Ride Experience Today

Our horseback riding season begins October 1st and continues until April 30th. Call us at 480-984-0335 or book your Phoenix trail ride online today.  Hablamos Espanol.